London Motor Show 08

Spent two days at the motor show, taking in the sight & sounds of one of the largest motor shows in Europe. I'm not much one for crowds, especially when trying to get some shooting done, but I found that the show was laid out in such a way that on both Thursday & Saturday, getting around & getting the shots proved quite possible. OK, not without people in the background, but ....
Very worthwhile having travelled into London & spent hours wondering around, was the restaurant I found just above the main entrance, The Mongolian Barbeque. My empty spot was soon filled with a select on pork, beef & mussels stir fried in my chosen mix of sweet & sour, plum & a dash of barbeque sauce & servers over noodles.
The various line ups of new vehicles by the represented brands was amazing. It's been a long time since I considered myself a bit of a petrol head & motoring science has come a long way. Big emphasis of course on the "green " aspect of the vehicles and a number of stands demonstrating energy efficient test vehicles.
Highlights for me was as awesome looking British model the "Lightning" and a range of "Morgan's". As a Honda driver of many years, the new models were of particular interest and met expectations admirably. On page 3, are some shots from a "Thunder cat" race held in the bay outside. These little craft. designed & manufactured in South Africa are taking the world by storm & many countries now have their own coastal race series under way.
Images were all taken with the D300, with a combination of 24-70 & 70-200 lenses. D300 was set to auto ISO and many of these shots were at ISO3200. I think the D300 handled the resultant noise very well. Other than a little sharpening, no post processing was done. Bear in mind that as per usual, in the interest of expediency, the images here were resized using outlook, hence the visible remnants.

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